Saturday, September 23, 2006

Where I am at.

My weight is at a stage where I need to do something about it again. We are on holidays at the moment, so it will give me time to get my head in the right place again, and still enjoy the holiday and the treats that it will include. I have been doing some thinking of late. Trying to figure out what my next weight loss strategy was going to be.
I have undone all the good work from the start of the year. Working full time and then continuiog with work, even with a less busy schedule I have eaten a little differently to how I would normally. More money in the house has made less stress, and I have felt much happier within myself. I am one of those people who eats when they are happy, I know that's different to alot of people, who eat when they are miserable..... I feel sick when I am down, so can't eat at all. Probably explains why I am the size I am..........I am VERY HAPPY.

I have been analyzing where my eating has been un-weight watcher friendly. I thought if I wrote them down, acknowledged them and thought of plans to stop that from happening, I would be on the way to losing weight again.

* buying take away where I ever bought it before, because there is more money in my purse.
* eating when I am not hungry
* eating in the evening with my cup of tea
* indulging in morning teas whenever they have been held at work
* baking for my family
* not drinking enough water
* not eating as much fruit

I really liked the No Count way of eating. I found this easy, as I didn't have to count every single morsel that enters my mouth. I think it suits the type of foods that I like to eat too. I have never been comfortable with the fact that rice, pasta, legumes and fruits were counted, and therefore restricted. Being able to eat until comfortably full is also good, not being restricted to the amount that I can eat.

Strategies for the above.....
* If I buy take away, buy healthy options, for example Subway, or a sandwich.
* NEVER eating just because it's time to eat. If I am not hungry...........I won't eat!
* Only eating yoghurt of fruit with my cup of tea at night.
* Not eating anything at morning teas, which will be easier next term as I am not working as much as I have been and if I am included, I will bring a healthy option so I can have something healthy.
* Not baking
* I will drink more water, which is easier now as it's warming up.
* Continue to eat fruit, but eat more for snacks. I have been eating about three pieces a day, and will increase it especially as the summer approaches.

Having written this all down, helps put everything into perspective. I am lucky, because I love healthy food, so it's not like I am eating stuff I don't like.

Between now and the end of the school holidays, I will not be strict, but I will make healthier choices where applicable. I won't eat just for the sake fo eating. Drinking more water won't be a problem either and there won't be morning teas laden with home made goodies.....

By Christmas I will be in better shape again, it will take about three months to undo the damage that I did.......

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