Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Some serious thinking

I need to review my food intake, and get back to basics.  Having extra money in the household has enabled extra treat foods......something we just haven't been able to afford in years, not since we have kids anyway.  I haven't put all my weight back on, but I am uncomfortable again, and I know that in September, when the winter layers are decreased I will be really cranky with myself...................
My problem times are the weekends, and anything that is out of the ordinary.  On work days I am good, as I pack my lunch, and just eat a normal NO Count day.  My meals that I cook are still good too, it's the extras I have been allowing in my diet. Exercise is non existent apart from running around at school, which is an increase in incidental exercise only...........I don't want to be fat again!  I know only I can change it. 
I am in two minds.  Do I go back to No Count, lose the weight and then try to 'do it on my own'?  Or do I just make healthy choices most of the time, and just reconcile myself to the fact that I have to stay at the top of my healthy weight?  If my want to maintain at the middle of my healthy weight, it's slim pickings every single day.......and quite honestly I know I can't maintain that?  Why oh why does this have to be so hard?  I know it's something I always have to watch. The weird thing is though, even when I made a conscious decision to eat something, I still feel guilty while I am eating it.  I don't truly enjoy it.  The only time when I enjoy indulgences is if I just have a taste.  I know that so much of this is mind stuff.............
Thanks for giving me the forum to think aloud and to try and get myself on track......... 
Will report in to let everyone know how I am going. 

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