Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Life's cool.

Well things are pretty happy here at our home. This is what I am particularly happy about at the moment.
* my house is humble, but it's mine
* said humble household's carpet isn't going to cost the earth, even though we can only afford to do the lounge room at this stage.
* my work is great................I just pray it continues in a similar capacity
* my kids are all well and have so far done really well this winter, for the first time ever......
* my husband loves me and tolerates all my foibles and ideas
* said husband is my rock
* I have paid all my bills, and owe almost nothing to anyone!!
* my dear brother is coming home on the weekend
* I bought a light fitting today, the first ever, and everytime I look at it I get a real buzz, from knowing it's MY light fitting...........

Yeah............life's cool.

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