Saturday, August 04, 2012

Worn out!!

At the moment I have two speeds. Full steam ahead, or fast asleep. Not much in between at all. Actually it's been going on since I finished placement and I think I need to see the doctor next week. 

It's just been so full on, with study and family, that when I have some downtime, I need to sleep. I'm sleeping well at nights, and if I have a day spare, I just sleep. This morning I got up, felt okay after 7.5 hours sleep, had breakfast and then went back to bed and slept and dozed until 3pm!!! What a waste of a day. I feel a bit better but not wonderful. My sleeps are just keeping me going. 

I know part of the problem is my eating. I've been craving sugar of late, and giving in. It's all I feel like. I'd much rather a bowl of cereal than a ham sandwich. Chocolate has also been beckoning me too. Not large amounts, but a little everyday. I've not had time, or energy to exercise of late, so I know this is something I have to address too. But it's more than that. Perhaps I need some tonic, or vitamins or something. Not sure. 

I'm happy, enjoying my studies, enjoying my home and family. But I'm tired. Even now I've made the week's school lunches and showered and I could head back to sleep when that's all I've basically done all day anyway. I've been otherwise healthy. I've avoided colds and 'flus so far. My pain levels are as low as they have been but I'm managing that. I'm waiting for a new script to come through to try a new injection for the arthritis. My legs are giving me a lot of problem with the chronic achilles tendonitis having flared up dreadfully since placement. Yesterday I wore boots with a heel and the shortening of the muscle and tendon helped greatly. However I need to go back to the podiatrist. The new orthotics cost well over $500 and I've had no improvement at all over my old ones. Money I didn't have to spend, but I'd decided the orthotics were important.

I was planning on going to the next Daisy's retreat, but after having decided that in my head, omitted to tell Barbi that I was coming. I'd left it too late and now won't go. I'm fine with that. There are heaps of others ahead of me on the list, and they need the weekend. My time at home is fairly peaceful and with craving the rest, it suits me too. I've made some other arrangements to catch up with friends whom I don't see very often. 

It's been a busy week. With tending to my own life/commitments/study/chores/errands, and then of course fitting in the needs of my family around them, I've been busy. 

I'll finish this now and tilt my head back on the bed...........


Jenny said...

Hope you feel energized again very soon Jenny...

Jenny x

Chris H said...

It's no wonder you are so tired girl!
You do so much!
I hope you can get on top of things and still have time for YOU.

Chrissy said...

What a shame you couldn't get in to your weekend away after all... :( I know how much better I feel after some creative times with the girls. Praying you feel more refreshed and on top of things super soon sweetie. xx


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