Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A day of respite

Today I had a day off from the hospital.

Just prior to prac, I checked my BP again and I wasn't impressed as it's still too high. So my GP changed my blood pressure medication from a calcium channel blocker to an angiotensin receptor blocker. I've not seen any change at all. Yesterday I got Paul to check it for me and it was almost 150/95 and my pulse was over 100. Admittedly I was incredibly busy, but still!! It was at that level when I'd checked it in the morning too, and I was only sitting quietly then.

I've hit a wall, I think too. I went to my GP today and stayed home. I spent most of today in bed. I ate breakfast and cooked and ate dinner and just snoozed. I feel much better for it this evening. My BP is still too high though. My kidney function is okay, as I checked on my latest blood tests while I was there

I've given myself permission to just take it easy today. My placement is going really really well. I've gained the respect of the RNs on the ward and this has given a much needed boost of confidence. My facilitator, Paul says I'm too hard on myself. I don't think I am because I know what I'm capable of when I put my mind to something. The new strategy I employed at the beginning of the last semester held me in good stead as my marks were really good. The semester was tough, and my lowest mark was a Distinction for Pathophysiology!! I got High Distinctions for my other subjects. I'm so happy with that. All the hard work paid off. No weekend was without study and while I was hoping to inspire my kids into university, all I did was shy them away from the thought of further study as they felt I was working far too hard. Oh well, hopefully when I graduate they'll see the reward I get, plus the fact that I love what I do.

The last seven months or so, haven't been easy. I've not 'dropped my bundle' at all.......and as I know myself well, today I just needed to stop.

This was taken on Saturday. We had a fundraising dinner for our Tanzania trip, which I helped organise and run. It was a fun night.

This is from orientation day. Libby, myself and Mariana. Should have taken more pics as this one is lousy from my iPhone. 

Oooh, almost forgot on the weekend, I picked up my new camera. I bought the Canon 60D. My 'everyday' lens on my 450D is broken, and while I didn't want to buy a replacement kit lens, I added more $$$$ and bought a new entire camera. Can't wait to learn more about using it. I ordered a Magic Lantern book about it. I'd like to use it a fair bit before I go away.


Moonie said...

Im glad you're resting luv... You have been sooo full on and I know what that is like and I don't even have the study mental part of it in my life.. And you have 3 kids... You are wonder woman and I love that about yo atm.. You just plod along without a winge so you are entitle to have a day of rest today. Beautiful photo of you and Bunny.. Looove your top. You look very pretty and feminine. I have a day at home with Corey today. Working all day friday and saturday. Ken went to Melbourne this morning so Corey and I went to my training, squeezed in a coffee at my fav cafe, did a purchase at Toyworld, stopped off for some DVDs and now we are at home in my scrapping room with the warm air on watching the movies and I am putting ideas together for my masters xxxx
Have a lovely weekend and I will see you with bells on Friday week for umm.... lets say... Green curry and Pad Thai LOL

Jenny said...

That is a beautiful photo of you Jenny... you look happy and content... hope the BP is coming back down to where it should be... and that you are able to rest up a little as well... WOW... all Distinctions... you must be so proud and rightly so... you are starring!!!

Jenny x


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