Monday, March 26, 2012

Work Smarter and Harder

I got two assignments back today. I'm a little flat. One I got a Distinction in and the other I'd originally failed. Then I showed the tutor that I had done a section and she gave me the additional marks so now I've passed. I've only ever done poorly once on an assignment. The sad thing is that it wasn't a difficult assessment piece. But I didn't answer the question properly. Mind you, many failed as they missed the point completely. I'm disappointed in myself. The other assignment I should have got a HD. It was difficult either, but it was time consuming.

So I've decided to work harder. I need to pay more attention to detail so that I don't miss things.

A busy five hours at uni today. I told the kids I wouldn't be doing much study over the holidays but I will be changing that. A group of us have a presentation to do about barbiturate overdose. We can make a start on that over the holidays.

Again, I'm so grateful that I changed my Prac. I wouldn't be able to physically get everything done otherwise.

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