Saturday, March 31, 2012


I'm always so watchful of my health. It's something I guard and watch over. Not obsessively but sensibly.

I had a flu vax on Monday. The doctor told me it was free because of my aaaa...... I was nearly ready to be sad then, until he said arthritis and not age lol.

The nurse took my BP. It was high. Too high. I've not seen figures like that since I was pregnant with Mickey.

So, I've been monitoring it all week. It's still too high.

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Chris H said...

I hope you can get your BP down mate!

Alaine said...

It's been a while since I've read your blog so this is a catch up! Loved the post you wrote to your Dad, know what you mean about uni, I'm working the entire school holidays and I hope your blood pressure comes down. Hope you find some time to relax over Easter, take care my friend xx

Teddyree said...

It's good you're watchful of your health. I hope you get your BP sorted, medication is often an unpleasant necessity but I will keep my fingers crossed that it won't be necessary. Love Sheree xx


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