Thursday, March 01, 2012

Good but tired

It's been another huge week. Only another 11 or so more weeks of tuition. I'm glad we've got Easter in its midst. Today I'm tired. A few early starts and a huge Wednesday and I'm looking forward to the weekend. Six hours back to back tutes and lectures is rather intense. I'm glad the content is so interesting as I'm able to concentrate the entire time, without even getting lost. Last semester there were some two hour lectures of anatomy and physiology where the last half hour was lost on me. So far so good this semester. I've started one of my assessments, so I'm glad to make a beginning. Today I had an appointment with my rheumatologist. I'm going to persevere with the Simponi for another three months. Clinically I've not gained any benefits from what I'm on but perhaps it's too soon to tell. The drug is an immunosuppressant so that's my main concern. I'll need to go off it for a while so I can have my yellow fever vaccination for Tanzania. Being a live vaccine we need to be careful. I actually had about seven days where I had hardly any pain, I felt so much better. Unfortunately the pain is coming through again. I don't know why I only get short term coverage. Oh well, I'll keep going with the treatment. There are different ones I can try, this drug needs a longer trial from me before we change. I've done an hour on my exercise bike today. That's three hours this week. I enjoy it and find it relaxing. I've been watching 'The Straits' on iView. Looking forward to a nice dinner of Fettuccine Fungi and a glass if wine or three.

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