Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Have you ever had times when you've felt so happy, that you're just waiting for something to go wrong? It's like everything is too good to be true. The only taint in my happiness, is when I think of something I want to tell my Dad, I'm struck with a longing that hurts so deeply. Today I went to my Mum's house and I looked into Dad's room. I couldn't help it. He is still so much a part of my life. I think of him so many many times each day. Often with happiness, but when I come across something unexpectedly it grips me and hurts inside. Last weekend I went through my Facebook friends to do a regular cull of people who aren't really friends but are simply acquaintances. I came across my Dad. I can't delete him. He will remain in my friend list for ever. I initially wanted to delete his Facebook page, but I can't do that either. Other than missing my Dad, I'm so happy, blissfully happy actually. Uni has started back last week and it's full on. So much so that I've had to review how I spend my time. Basically I will give myself very little spare time. I am doing all my pre reading and am also reviewing my work. It's so intense but I feel like it is finally onto the nitty gritty. I'm learning about the things that interest me most. Apart from one subject, (which does integrate with the others but isn't planned well, from a teaching point of view) my subjects are fascinating. I'm doing Drug Therapy, Pathophysiology and my Nursing practical subject is led by a fabulous tutor. She's so genuine and so helpful. I wish I could hug her lol, she's that good. Today we did IM injections. These are the easiest to administer but it felt so good to draw up drugs, calculate dosages and administer them, albeit to a dummy. I must admit though that having given myself two Simponi injections already has helped me to some point although it's a prefilled syringe. I wasn't even shaking whe prepping the drugs today. We worked in pairs and I met a lovely lady. She's German and I don't think she's been in Australia very long but it was exciting talking to her. I was also surprised how much I knew about the drugs. I always complain about my memory and yet one was a drug that was used when I worked at the doctors' surgery in 1983!!!!!! Even in the Pathophysiology tute yesterday I surprised myself with what I remembered. Even my friends were impressed (and surprised) lol. Especially when yesterday's burst of knowledge was to do with the workings of the heart, which was something I really struggled with last year. All those numerous Youtube videos paid off. Yes, I'm happy. Happy because I'm where I should be. My only regret is that I'm not 30 years younger. It does gratify me though that I'm not the oldest nursing student. I certainly don't feel out of place at uni. The workload this semester is huge. I'm so relieved that I opted out of doing placement two days per week, but instead went for the four week block. We have weekly workbooks for three subjects, plus pre reading and also a heavier assignment load. I have put this time aside to focus solely on study. One of our lecturers is on the board that interviews nurses for Graduate positions at the hospital. There are about 300 applicants for 40 jobs!!!! Thank God my marks are good as without them I won't even get an interview. I'm determined to glean as much Knowledge as I can. I never forget the support, help and love that I get from my kids and husband. I couldn't Di it without them. Love y my boys xxxxxx.

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Jenny said...

Oh Jenny, it is lovely to hear you so happy and content... Uni sounds like it is wonderful... and definitely sounds like you are in the right place... and lovely, as much as you miss your dad, that you think of him often... and yes I wouldn't be able to push delete either...

Jenny x


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