Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The future shines brightly

I've been so incredibly busy of late that I wonder if I'll even have time to do what I've planned for the next two years.

I've been accepted into uni. On the 25/7 I will commence my nursing degree.

When I received notification last week. I couldn't wait to accept the offer. Somehow I thought if I didn't accept it immediately it may disappear.

I've been overwhelmed with the response of friends and family. I've not had a negative comment come my way. Most of all I'm thankful for my supportive and encouraging husband. I couldn't wish for a more understanding man.

Today I went to uni and walked around and organized my student ID. I sat at the cafe and didn't feel out of place there at all. I just soaked up the ambience. Actually the campus is beautiful and not overly large. I'm looking forward to exploring it more. It's a nice feeling too, knowing that there are a few people there that I know.

I'm excited. The time ahead is going to be incredibly busy. I know I'm going to feel stressed and far too busy. I'll need reminding of that frequently.

Just a short update for today.

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