Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What to bring when spending time with a child in hospital

I made this list to help me should I ever need it again, or perhaps it may come up on a google search and help another Mum. Having certain items with me made my stay easier and some were necessary.

List of things to take when spending time with a sick child in hospital.

1. Comfortable clothes as you'll spend lots of time sitting and may end up sleeping in your clothes too. Take jeans for when you walk to shops or leave hospital complex.
Make sure you have pockets so you can have your phone on at all times on vibrate so as not to disturb sleeping patients.
2. All toiletries. If you like to wear makeup take the bare minimum, for example blush, lip liner, lip stick and eye brow pencil. Don't bother with mascara, as it's too difficult to take off. Take a foaming cleanser/toner so you can easily remove. A powdered foundation can be handy too and is easy to remove.
Nail clippers and nail file. Nails grow quickly when you're not doing your regular chores. Nail polish of you like as you will have time to apply and it's nice to do something for yourself.
3. Lip balm as being constantly in the air conditioned room yours and your child's lips will quickly dry out.
4. Face moisturiser and body lotion. Soap isn't crucial as it's supplied on hospital bathroom walls but you will need to add moisture back afterwards.
5. Hand mirror and brush/comb.
6. Deodorant and hairspray if needed, and hairdryer of course. Unless your hair is maintenance free.
7. Large handbag, if you normally use a tiny one, switch to a larger one as you'll carry around more items than usual.
8. All prescription medication, and take scripts too as you may stay longer than you think.
Paracetomol and Ibuprofen. Nursing staff are not allowed to treat parents of patients so it's handy to have headache remedies.
9.A travel cup. Hot tea/coffee is not allowed on the wards. You may be allowed to use a spill free cup and a nice hot cuppa becomes quite a treat.
10. Cash. Many things you can EFTPOS but for buying small things like drinks and coffees it's handy to have cash. There are ATMs around on the hospital grounds if you need them.
11. A laptop or handheld tablet device. For me to have been able to wile away the hours emailing, writing and surfing the web. I can honestly say I was never bored. I also had my Devotional book but only for the latter part of my stay. I also have daily readings on my iPad. This helped keep me focussed, calm when things were uncertain and thankful for the many positive happenings. Perspective and comfort are powerful companions and to have daily reminders was a balm for my soul. Having access to the Internet meant I was always in contact with family and close friends. Messages, thoughts and prayers help with the long days and the feeling of loneliness is eased.

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Great list Jenny, you don't always have the presence of mind to think these things through for yourself. The air con does play havoc with your skin. After 5 days in hospital my hair and skin feel horrible and I'm trying hard to get them back to normal. I'd add sinus tablets as many people suffer sinus when being in air con for so long as I still have sinus too. So glad you are home!


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