Thursday, October 14, 2010

On Holidays

Wednesday 14 October, 2010
We’ve only got three days left of our holiday, tomorrow we’ve been here a week. I always find the first few days go slowly, and then, as the routine of the days becomes established, the time goes more quickly. Actually almost as quick as our money.

Actually, I wonder how much money families spend on holidays. The families with good incomes, who do lots of paid things with their kids. The ones who attend the movies and theme parks and eat out all the time. It would run into the thousands. We’ve found we are having to be very careful with our funds, and what we are spending is all being spent on food, and most of it with food that we’re buying from the supermarket and eating at homes.

It’s been lovely to enjoy days that are quiet and relaxing. Days where my husband and I can just be together, where neither of us has to be anywhere else. Where the lack of routine means that we’re not rushing off to work, or having to take the kids anywhere. We’re all enjoying the rest. The kids are having fun spending so much time with us and have not tired of fishing everyday. My boys don’t fish to catch and eat the fish, but merely for the sport aspect of it. Billy-Joe caught a fabulous flathead the other day, it’s my favourite fish, and would have made a great meal, but there was no way that he could have killed it and brought it home. Suits me fine though, I like the fact that my boys are soft and enjoy letting the fish go back into the water.

We’ve all been sleeping in, with the exception of Mickey, who always falls asleep first and then is up early. Even Sammy and Billy-Joe slept until 10am today. It’s obvious our beds are comfy.

As the holiday nears its end, I’m thinking and planning already for the next holiday and also for the year ahead. I have a bit of catching up to do with my coursework and I also have a class booked for next week. So the day after we return, I“m right back into the routine, but with the knowledge that there are only 8 weeks left of the school year. I can’t believe that another school year is almost over, and that summer is quickly approaching. Next year Billy-Joe will be in year 10 and Sammy heads into his second last year of primary school. It didn’t seem all that long ago that they were all tiny children.

Thursday 15 October, 2010
I got up early and went fishing with my boys this morning. Bunny was most impressed that I was out of bed first!! Me the one who loves to snooze and snooze. I enjoyed it for the fact that I took lots of photos, and it's always nice just to watch the kids. I am loving just being with them. I sat down on the beach for an hour and a half and then had enough of the wind as my ears were beginning to ache, so I headed up to the car. I made a shopping list for Woolies and when the boys came up to the car we went home. We left Billy-Joe at home and headed out to Cooloola Cove and did some shopping, and I had to put a script in. 

After we took the food home, we went and had lunch at the sportman's club. The food was great. I had a chicken, and avocado pizza, which was just divine. It was even better than from the Italian Restaurant, and that dinner was really good. We hired some videos for the kids and had an ice cream. It was blustering and windy, but we still walked down and checked out the surf and I took a photo of the kids in front of the
Cherry Venture’s propellor. I want to do a digi layout where I add the same photo from last year.

We got home, I showered and then laid down as I had a mild headache. Unfortunately I feel asleep lol....and woke up over an hour later.

The boys are now home from fishing, love how happy and excited they are when they come home.

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