Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Cardmaking Retreat

It's Sunday afternoon, the last day of the holidays. The Grand Final (NRL) has just finished and my kids are just finishing their dinner. We're not really sad because on Friday we head off to Rainbow Beach for our annual holiday. A time that we all look forward to, and my dear hardworking husband needs this time to recharge his battery.

This last week was lovely. I still didn't end up achieving what I wanted to do, but I thoroughly enjoyed these aspects
- sleeping in every day, some days later than I wanted
- the fact that days aren't strictly regulated by time or schedule
- the fact my kids now occupy themselves and are happy and content
- if I decide on the spur of the moment to cook something or go somewhere, I can
- the kids are now old enough, so if I have an errand or an appointment, I can take Mickey with me and the two older kids are fine at home on their own.
- the fact that school pick up time comes along and I can stay home

Downsides to the holidays
- the time goes too fast
- For some reason I chop and change what I'm doing, and I don't seem to spend time just settled and relaxed. I always think of something else I could do (based around chores).
- I plan to create and I don't take the time :(
- I don't have the money to do lots of fun things with the kids (I did take them to Lazerzone on one morning, but that was largely funded by the Golf Club).
- No one takes my chores away just because I'm on holidays.

Normally I'm feeling a bit down on the last day before the kids go back, but because we're going away, no one feels too bad today. The kids will have four days back at school and then we're off. Ten days of the barest of housework, eating out, ice creams, fishing and lazying on the beach of by the pool and reading lots, and watching movies!!

Okay, once again I've had this sitting here without uploading it, and the post isn't finished. Rather than deleting it, I'll upload and made a new one asap....


jenny said...

Oh have a wonderful holiday Jen...

Jenny x

Chris H said...

I can't wait till B and G are old enough to sleep in, entertain themselves, stay home on their own.... *sigh*
I hope you and the family have a wonderful holiday.


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