Sunday, August 08, 2010


After my headaches during the latter half of last week, I'm feeling much better. I've got a headache app on my iPhone now so I will track my headaches. I was pretty happy though when I discovered that the drug that's in Mersyndol is actually in restavit, it's an antihistamine and relaxant, and worked wonders on my headache. So by Friday afternoon I was beginning to feel human again. Thank goodness as with Peter's birthday this weekend, I didn't want to feel crappy. I like to be animated, happy and fun to be around for my husband on the weekend, especially seeing as it's his birthday.

I got up yesterday morning, very late. It was bliss. I'd been in bed most of Friday catching up on sleep. I got up and got ready and felt pretty good. I was looking forward to seeing Barbi. I had planned on colouring my image for my Copic B class but I forgot the exact way how we'd planned the colouring so I just practised a technique and coloured in some gorgeous Peter Rabbit images, using Google Images as my guide for colours. I'm really pleased with my Copic collection now as I can do so much more now, without feeling like I have lots of colours missing. Karen came which was lovely. We all enjoyed our Thai dinner and it was almost 9 o'clock before we even sat down to create. I didn't get home until nearly 1.30am!! I slept well and slept in until 10.30am, it was just blissful.

I got myself in a tizz though when I couldn't find the recipe for the entree that I planned on making. I felt my head starting to throb, so I know it's stress related. I had already bought the ingredients, so it wasn't an easy matter of just making something else. Thankfully I found it. I headed in to town with Billy-Joe for company. I had to go to the supermarket to buy the meat for dinner and he needed some new undies. We also stopped at Donut King and enjoyed an Iced Mocha!! I dropped in to see Julia at Prouds and bought Bunny a stainless steel ring. It's very nice and he can wear it while I get his wedding band reshaped. Actually the wedder is so fine, I don't think it will last much longer. Peter loved his gifts, and enjoyed our evening, so it was a fun night. The entree was a caramelized onion, feta and sundried tomato tart. I added some of the confit garlic in it and it was just delicious. I could easily have eaten just that and not the main!! Our main was delicious. Sirloin steak with a garlic confit butter, potato bake, sweet carrots and broccoli. Man of the house was very impressed. It was rather late when we went to bed, but we were feeling very content with our lives and with each other.

Today I got up late, and did some chores and then headed out to a friend's place for a bbq lunch. The wine was good, and Pete outdid himself with the food. He had a salad that was continental parsley, cucumber, lemon, shallots, mint and tomatoes. It was very tasty. He had sausages for the kids, a chicken stuffed with something yummy, and with bacon wrapped around it, and some beef too. Dessert was a strawberry cake! We rolled out of there in the evening.

I'm happy to be home now, relaxed and warm. I'll look forward to a cup of tea later on. I will also get to play with my iPad when the kids go to bed. Yes, my Apple family has grown again, and apart from syncing it and setting it up. I've not had a chance to play on it yet. I got the 16GB 3G Wifi one. It's a cool gadget, and a handy device that can connect to the internet. The kids all have access to something now, leaving the MacBook always free for me. I want to get a screen protector, case and a stand for it.

I'm teaching my third Copic class on Tuesday, it's the first of the Copic B classes. So far there's been a good response to the Copic A classes, which I'm excited about.

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Hope you've had a chance to play with your iPad. Ian loves his and is always using it. Have a good week Jenny. I get stress headaches and it's not very nice. See you in less than 2 weeks xoxo


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