Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Year in Review

A good week so far. I scrapped one layout. Template is from Designer Digitals. Papers are from other places lol.......(I now know why I don't upload layouts onto message boards, it's hard enough to scrap without keeping track of what everything is.....) You realize how quickly a year goes by when you do a year in review.

It's been hot this week. I've not had the a/c on all week, but I think I might cave now, the afternoons are of course always worse. Kids have had a great time at golf so far. I've done some Daisy work, scrapped. I had to have a nap today, not always a good idea, during the day, I think it's the heat. I haven't been on my Wii fit all week :(

I still want to organize my scrapping stuff this week and declutter some more.

Fun times of 2009
* My birthday dinner that was catered by Laurent
* All the Daisy retreats, including the card maker's one in October
* The kids playing and getting along
* Dinner at my parents house with all of us present
* Mothers Day
* Kids playing golf, and doing well
* My nieces old enough to come and visit on their own
* Book Week, only because I love how cute my kids look, not because I love the whole costume thing.
* Rainbow Beach
* Meeting my cousin Sara for the first time
* Christmas
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