Monday, January 11, 2010

A quiet week ahead

The kids are at a golf clinic all this week. I'm quite excited about the possibilities. I plan to do some more work on Daisy's site, and even fit in some digi scrapping. It will give me time to declutter too. I've done under Sammy's beds. The under the bed boxes are empty, so I may be able to reorganize somewhere else now, to utilize that space. I'll have time to catch up with my parents, and have another Thermomix demo to go to. I went to a Tupperware party yesterday. It was a lovely afternoon, seeing as it was held by one of my closest friends who prepared the most delicious food (all in her Thermomix) I bought some more plastic plates to replace the old faithfuls I've had for years. I'll keep them for picnic plates, but not for upstairs anymore. The kids used them as their first dinner plates, so the knives have left scratches in them. The new plates will only be used for sandwiches and snacks, so will stay nice. I wanted new plastic tumblers too, but can't afford them at the moment. I know Tupperware is expensive, but it's good stuff. Many of my pantry pieces are well over 20 years old. I've decided when I've got some money to spare, I can revamp my pantry, by replacing the lids. The new Chilli colour is vibrant and would suit my kitchen well too.

On Saturday I had time to play with my Copic markers. Billy-Joe is enjoying them too, so I'm doubly glad I've got them. Can't wait to have more colours. Karen and I are having a ball building up our collecting, talking about papers, youtube videos and ideas. Lots of good fun, and much easier than what the scrapbooking has been. My card collection is actually quite low, so I need to hook in and make some more. I hand made the cards for Mickey's birthday party on Saturday - it was for two of his friends. One card I already had, but I made another on Fri night using my markers....I realize now I should have photographed it.

The kids are having a ball on holidays. I'm going to miss them this week. I love hearing their laughter, and seeing them together and happy. Family Bliss! Nothing else like it.

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