Saturday, March 07, 2009

Youtube practise

I've just fiddled with the settings so hopefully now you can view the videos. These are just taken on my little point and shoot camera, and are both over twelve months old. It was fun though, using iphoto09 to make them into somthing a little more special than SOOC (straight out of the camera).

Mickey was sick today, so I didn't get to the golf course with my camcorder. Billy-Joe played a game after the clinic and Sammy went really well, even putted a hole in on in the little putting game they play. As opposed to last week, where he sulked and skulked and was very unimpressed with himself. It's so good to know that whenever I sit him down to talk to him, he really thinks about what I say. He will go next week, and be really happy about it and each time his confidence will improve. I give him full credit for not giving up! Mickey wasn't well when he came home from school yesterday, and was not well during the night. When Bunny left, I got Mickey into bed with me and he slept for nearly three hours, and felt much better when he awoke. Hopefully it's just a 24 hour thing - not like Sammy who was crook for three days.

Autumn is in the air, and it's so lovely. I still miss the changing of the leaf colour, the southern states, 'do' autumn so much nicer (and much colder). The evenings are cooling down a little and it's just lovely. It's almost like the calendar turned over on the first of the month and the temperature obeyed accordingly. Something I've always found really amazing in this climate.

Scrapbooking was good last night as always. I made a couple of cards, I'll upload them later.

I have to go down to the coast this afternoon. Billy-Joe needs new footy boots and the kids need new underwear. Wii games are also on sale at KMart, so Billy-Joe will no doubt want to have a look.

This video is of Sammy learning to ride his bike in our tiny front yard, it shows the street where we live too. I added music to make them more interesting.


Karen Barr said...

Sorry Jenny, still says it is a private video, and that I need to accept friend's request. Hope you got the things you needed down our way. We went to Rebel Sports and got what we needed.

Chris H said...

Cute... and you have no footpaths!


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