Monday, February 23, 2009

Great weekend for everyone

Everyone was excited about this weekend. I love the feeling of anticipation that every Friday holds - and that happens whether or not there's any grand plans for the weekend. We all come home Friday afternoon, with that smug content feeling of knowing that the next few days are going to be relaxing and fun. With the exception of dear Bunny, who still works on weekends, but he still loves the weekends too. No wonder he sleeps so well, he's exhausted.

All three boys decided to play golf for their sport this year. They enjoy going out on many Sundays with their Daddy and he enjoys taking them out there, although like any excursion when you take all three it's not an easy endeavour. We really encourage Sammy to go and play now, and he's the 'fly in the ointment' so to speak, because when you live by the beat of your own drum, playing something in a group can be a difficult thing to do. They started their clinic on Saturday morning. We bought them some smaller golf clubs so that they can be more comfortable and also have more chance of experiencing success when the clubs actually 'fit'. The kids had a great time, and went out again on Sunday to practise what they'd learned so far. Peter followed Sammy around on Saturday as he needed constant reminders to focus and to listen. I feel for him so much sometimes, when he just flies off with the fairies, and then gets frustrated because he only has half the information. I am wondering whether or not it's worth saying a few words to the coach. I have no dramas with someone constantly pulling up Sammy and making sure he's listening. He never gets cranky about that, and it always pulls him back to the present moment.

It's a cool thing that the boys are doing something all together, it's the first time. Peter is pretty rapt that they are showing such an interest for something he's so passionate about. He has visions of being in his 70s and having his adult kids come and get him for a game of golf. He's already told them he wants a buggy lol.......

I had a lovely weekend at the Daisy's Retreat. Friday night was a quiet night, and not much scrapbooking actually got done. There was a lot of talking and listening, in between dinner and cups of tea. It was a night of catching up and filling in the gaps and the opportunity to speak at length rather than the quick grabbed conversations of normal daily life, which in this case is mostly done via email.

On Saturday I felt pretty dreadful. I'd woken up with a sore throat, sore eyes and extremely tired. I even considered going home at one point, but decided that if I went home I'd feel more miserable, at least there, I could just sit and do nothing. At home I would always find something to do, and nor would I get my scrapping stuff out. I stayed, and when my headache and eyes really played up, I just listened to my ipod and looked through idea books. I did the class in the morning, which I finished, and it was great, because I didn't have to think. Suzy was quiet in the afternoon too, that second day of the retreat slump, when you've not had enough sleep. But that was okay, it was a companionable silence which we both needed. Later in the afternoon Suzy took me into town and I got some throat lollies and some cold tablets laden with zinc and echinacea. I don't find any benefit from the 'drug' type cold tabs, and I had some nasal spray which helps me breathe from the blocked sinuses. I went home early that night, and slept a little better than the night before. I don't know if it was the cold tabs, but I woke up on Sunday feeling a little better. The sore throat was almost gone, so at least I didn't feel like I was eating razor blades.

Sunday was a good day, and the scrapbooking also came a little easier. I always feel more creative on the Sunday and I have no idea why.

The weekend was an opportunity to nuture existing friendships, but to also turn acquaintances toward the road of friendship. Barbi's always clever table arrangements, meant that many of us were geeks and avid readers. The table just buzzed with ideas and books. My palm pilot was full of new blog links, authors and websites to explore in the coming days. I can't wait to see Alaine and Sheree again. It's a shame they live in Brisbane, but they are keen to come to all the retreats, so I just need to pray that they get onto the list as they are on waiting lists.

It was another weekend where I revelled in the power of good friendships. I learned heaps, got excited about new possibilities and was creative as a great bonus.

I was determined that this week would bring in some work. I also figured that as I generally don't like to work on the Monday after a retreat, that today I would definitely get a call!! Obviously I didn't get a call, as I'm sitting here updating my blog.

Alaine, kindly copied audio books onto my flash drive and also onto a DVD. I tried listening to Twilight last night, but I couldn't concentrate, it put me to sleep lol...... Alaine listens to it while she's doing housework, so I tried listening while I was doing something menial on the computer, where I had to be there, but didn't have to think, but I just switch off from it lol..... I'm going to have to start again. I think it's going to take a little getting used to. I don't know whether it's from the counless lectures I sat in on, when if someone just keeps on talking, the brain goes on 'holiday' and visits something else........ It's a skill, and I need to practise it.

I hope the coming week brings some work.

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Teddyree said...

Believe me it does get easier. I'm just a newbie to audio & when I first started I couldn't even concentrate while hanging the washing on the line LOL... I found I drifted off, looking at the birds & flowers etc etc. I'm sure the practice will do my fuddled brain nothing but good & it is certainly getting easier & I'm enjoying trying something new!


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