Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Death Toll Rises

Every time I turn on the news, the death toll continues to rise. Now they are talking that there may be around 300 people dead. There are still people who don't know what's happened to loved ones. This time of grief and uncertainty must be dreadful for the survivors to cope with. I watch on the TV as the people in Whittlesea, who are being housed in and around the community centre are cared for, there are vets who have travelled there to look after people's animals, work places have given people time off so they can go and help out. The donations coming into Whittlesea and Yea are just amazing, there are bags and bag of clothes, and boxes of food. The survivors are thankfully being well cared for, as far as food and clothing goes. There are even chiropractors there, giving free massages, this would be especially helpful for the firefighters who are still going out to do 12 hour shifts with the fires that are still burning, and still a concern.

The search continues for the arsonists who lit some of the fires. There is talk of arresting them with murder, as the fires they believe to be deliberately lit, have caused many deaths. Fortunately some of the deliberately lit fires were extinguished before they caused too much damage. The Police Commisioner Christine Nixon said that she believed it was not necessary to post a reward as people would only be too willing to help.

Donations are pouring in and the figure is currently over $31,000,000 which will go some way toward helping these people. We've been assured that no money will be taken for administration costs. I donated money today too, although I feel it is rather inadequate, but it all adds up.

Unfortunately these kinds of tragedies bring out the scum of the earth. People have been warned to not give out their credit card details on the phone to people ringing and seeking donations. Likewise, they are told to be wary of people selling raffle tickets in the name of charity for the Bushfire victims. The depravity of some people never fails to disgust me.

It's best to donate through the Red Cross. Their phone lines are quite busy so it's best to use the website for donations.


Tina said...

Jenny, it's just so tragic. I got a phone call tonight from my bestest friend in Melbourne and she knows many families affected by the Maryville fires. She was so upset and has been up to the command posts today to help out in anyway she can.

I have donated too and will be supporting some causes that are coming up in the next few weeks.

Nikki was also so upset tonight by some of the coverage and all I could do was put my arm around her and tell her this is the very sad part of living in Australia.

t.t. millers said...

Jenny, I am so sorry to hear about the fires. Please, please stay safe!


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