Monday, December 08, 2008


I love being home and being productive - and not having to look at the clock once all day long - well maybe now, because it's getting close to when I am going to start cooking dinner. But, a sleep in, no rushing to school, no watching the clock to do the pick up - heavenly.

In the morning, I cleaned my oven, not just the top, but the actual oven. I took the glass panels out and cleaned them, plus the filter from inside. I removed the bottom plate, and cleaned it too. Because the oven is self cleaning, there was ash on the bottom which needed wiping up. I cleaned the racks, but they didn't come up 100% but are okay. I cleaned all the elements, I hate it when they get little discolourations around them. I put on a load of washing and hung it out. I was pretty hot and sweaty, but decided to just get into my jogging stuff and headed down to my treadmill. Not before I'd roused on Mickey though - who spent time in time out.

After my jog and weights I came upstairs, had a shower and then took Mickey down to Erbachers, a local fruit store which has much nicer stuff than the supermarket, but I often don't get down there because of the time factor. I called into Woolies on the way home and bought some fresh ham, and then made us yummy ham and salad wraps for lunch.

I cleaned out the Tupperware cupboard, and matched up all my containers with their respective lids. Wonder how long it will stay like that - I just need to be more careful. Looks wonderful now. I sorted out the other drawers too, and was disappointed that I couldn't ditch more stuff.

I finally have sorted the last of the kids' stuff that they have brought home from school - much of it filed in the wheelie bin.

I have also spent the last part of the afternoon finishing editing all my pictures for the 2007 Christmas Album, so I can have it on display for this Christmas. I will make sure it doesn't take me this long for next year's.

Tomorrow I will finish my 2008 album at Suzy's class, and then I'll come home and do my Christmas cards. I have an idea for making some more, so I may make some , even though I don't think I need them for this year. Ah well, they can always make a nice gift. I also want to make my gift cards for this year too, so must decide how I am going to do those.

Well, you'll have to believe me, it looks much better than before, I should have taken a 'Before' shot too.....

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t.t. Millers said...

I do the same with my tupperware! I keep the largest container and put all the lids in it and then try to match the tupperware sizes with squares and round. It doesn't last long. All it takes is one kid (or my husband) to go routing!! :)


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