Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Looking forward to slowing down

I have always prided myself on being able to keep my obligations to a low and manageable level. I find I start to feel unwell, when there's just stuff going on all the time. I relish my quiet down times and it does my brain and body a world of good. I also thought that having the last few weeks of term off, would be great and stress free, but it's been incredibly hectic.

I have done everything in a piecemeal fashion and I hate that. I don't always do everything at once, but it's not normally scattered throughout my entire week as much as it is at the moment. I've had a few nights out too, which although very enjoyable take me a while to get the energy back from. Even though I prefer the night hours, I still need more sleep during the week than what I get when I go out.

Last week, Billy-Joe had his orientation day at his new High School which he enjoyed, that evening I was out for the parent info evening. Not terribly enlightening, but it's important to get a feel for the place and connect with the new staff. On Wednesday morning I worked, which was hot and I was grateful that it was only for the morning. I was taking the young kids out of the classroom from two classes, while the teachers had their 2009 kids. It meant I was out in the yard, or library, neither of which were air conditioned and it was very warm. I had a doctor's appointment, picked up a few things from the supermarket, ran around doing piecemeal chores and then picked up my kids.

Thursday I did my groceries and then was busy with I can't remember what. No doubt I would have dealt with washing. I had a physio appointment in the afternoon and then I came home and did some more chores, and then picked up my kids. Mum and Dad looked after the kids for the evening, and we went out to an Indian dinner. It was a fun evening, the food was delicious, although probably a little over priced. It was a fairly early evening, but I ended up staying up too late, and so felt like crap on Friday. That day I was going to stay home alllllll day, and a close gf asked me for a visit - and because I always say no 'cause I'm busy doing stuff, I said yes, and I had a great day with her- just chatting and drinking coffee and girl stuff. I had to shop in the morning for a kids' birthday present, so I did that, hung out washing and then spent the day with Lisa. I came home, and it was swelteringly humid But I hit the treadmill.Lisa had made a carrot cake which was divine, but not terribly low fat - so I hope I burnt that off. That night Barbi had a 'Girls night in' at the shop. It was a great night. We had Mama Mia on the big screen and we scrapped the night away. Actually I didn't do that much, I was very tired and left much earlier than normal. Saturday I took Billy-Joe to a Christmas cardmaking class, which was a lovely together time, actually I was rapt that he is still wanting to do things like that with me. We stayed and had lunch with the girls.

Once home, I headed back to the treadmill and then caught up on more washing....... That evening, we didn't cook a dinner, we just had a platter of cheeses, salami, pate and sour dough bread - very yummy and no effort to get together. I started watching a movie, and am so glad I didn't watch it to the end. I slept in in the morning and then got up to a cooked breakfastby my darling. I caught up on more washing, and Peter mowed the yards from the ladies across the road. We then went up to the herb farm in our endeavour to have another attempt at growing basil. My husband has a green thumb, but when it comes to anything that is supposed to be edible we aren't very good. We had put the Greek basil into pots, and this should work better. Peter mowed our yard when we came home and weeded two garden beds. I went to bed for two hours!! And slept!

Yesterday, I knew I would have a busy day. I stripped the beds and had more washing to do - I wonder how many loads I do, I estimate 15 per week! It never ends! I went on the treadmill early yesterday and then was going to do my ironing afterwards. When I was upstairs the phone rang and the school was concerned that Sammy had trouble breathing. Straight away alarm bells went off! He'd complained of breathlessness early in the term, but I felt it was anxiety and I said to him I really need to see it and that a doctor would need to see it too. I made an appointment and got in immediately.

My middle boy has exercise induced asthma!

I know we will manage it, and I know it's good that we have it diagnosed and stuff, but I just feel so sad for him. I feel so sad that another one of my children has this. How horrible it must be, when you can't breathe! After a half hour on the nebulizer, he was much better. So we came home armed with ventolin and the realization that we need to be careful........ Considering this whole situation would have been very distressing for him, he handled it so well. He's just a darling patient, no drama at all - he was just happy I was there......

I sat down for lunch, and then did my week's ironing and then headed out for a transition meeting for Sammy with his year 4 teacher for next year.They will keep many of the current strategies in place, and I am happy with his placement. As much as I know that he can be frustrating - I am fiercely protective of him, and very aware of his strengths. He's just the most delightful kid, and I'm lucky that the school sees through his foibles and can see the qualities that I see.

Another thing that I can't wait to be over, is the amount of things I need a plate for! I have to remember plates for this and that, and there's something nearly every day this week. I also had to get Secret Santa gifts! The break can't come quickly enough, so I can concentrate on my own family and our Christmas. I was working tomorrow morning, but that was cancelled, so I will grocery shop then instead of Thursday. Mickey wants me to pop in for his Christmas party at school, I'll see how I go, he always likes me to drop in on special days.

We have Billy-Joe's graduation tomorrow night, and a mass too I think......(and another plate!!) At least if I shop tomorrow, I can go Christmas shopping with my parents and not be harried from having done my groceries beforehand. I just can feel myself getting all yucky in the stomach when I rush around too much. My days are rushed anyway at times, but this has just been ridiculous - it's been six weeks, of obligations and commitments and I am very ready for a rest. My kids are very tired too. No-one stirs in the morning when I get up -everyone's quiet and moves around slowly when they do get up. I never have to yell at them to get up, they are very good like that, but I can see they're flagging. Next Monday morning will be blissful when we can all sleep in. The kids are all very excited to just stop!

Next week's schedule is very light on - which is just perfect. I can start my baking and just enjoying my home and kids. On Tuesday I have the second part of Suzy's Christmas album class. I seriously questioned my wisdom about doing this class, but she does such a beautiful job of it, and puts in the most awesome effort into creating a stunningly unique album. I love my albums from previous years.

Hopefully this week, I can get my photos resized for last year's album. It's Barbi's birthday today, so we all brought in cake for that (another plate) and celebrated with her. Karen came to the class, so that was great to see her twice in one week - we were both very slow with our class and left early. It gives us a job on Friday night to catch up to the rest of the class. Plus I need to make more Christmas cards, so that's on my to do list for next week too.

The washing machine beckons - I must be off.

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