Sunday, November 16, 2008


Another week is quickly coming to a close. I have been enjoying my work. Not sure if it's because I know that there is an end in sight and the holidays are looming, or that I just love what I do - I tend to think it's a combination of the two. Something comforting, when in the midst of being extremely to know that soon there will be a nice, long break. I have been doing really well as far as organization is concerned. My house stays tidy, the meals cooked, kids and husband are happy - and that means I'm happy. I manage my days almost to the minute, and there's not much time for anything other than work and sleep, but that's okay. The only things I miss when working so much, is my exercise time. That always goes FIRST. This annoys me, so this week, I have made an extra effort to include some exercise again. I jogged on Wednesday and was shocked, at how poorly I went. My fitness and stamina wasn't the problem, but my leg was. I struggled through two lots of ten minutes. Thankfully I had a physio appointment on Thursday that my work let me keep, so yesterday I managed 25 minutes jogging - non stop! Instead of looking forward to sitting down for half an hour when my dinners cooked of an evening, I will just have to make that exercise time - much more beneficial for me. I also like to do weights when I'm downstairs, and now with the summer weather here, I don't want flappy arm bits!!

My kidlets have had a great week. Their swimming carnival was held. The older kids swam on Thursday and Mickey and Sammy swam on Friday. They all came home with ribbons, which was pretty special. Billy-Joe came third in a freestyle event, and Sammy cleaned up in all his kickboarding events. Mickey got a second place and two fourth places in his kickboarding events. I was so excited for Sammy! It doesn't seem like all that long ago that this little boy was dragged out of the water, because he was floundering. I was crying as I helped him away from the pool's edge. I felt for him, it hurt! That was two years ago!!

It's been nice to spend a weekend at home. Yesterday I did my chores, spent some time on the treadmill, scrapped a little. Billy-Joe had friends over, and the little ones played with Caleb. My house was busy with 7 kids over at one stage. They all had fun! We had a nice dinner last night, of salmon with an avocado and mango salsa. The salsa was delish, the fish was okay. I don't know what has happened to my fish taste buds. They've upped and left. I actually would much have preferred a piece of eye fillet! It was nice though. I'm glad Peter cooked it on the bbq so I didn't have the fish smell in the house, even whilst it was cooking.....

I'm looking forward to a day off tomorrow. I have to get my hair trimmed and do my ironing. I'll have time to fill out some paperwork for Billy-Joe's school for next year, and I'll get to go on the treadmill too. It's our wedding anniversary tomorrow, so I may get something and cook a nice roast or something a bit special for dinner. The week promises to be a good one, with a couple of challenging days too. Friday won't be easy, but hey it's Friday, so manageable. On Saturday my dear brother is coming down. It's my niece's birthday and we are all going out with Mum and Dad, to Sizzlers. Should be a fun night, and my kids are very excited already - especially Billy-Joe. We don't often all get together very often, so it will be a special night.

The school term is winding down and I'm looking forward to the time off with my kidlets. I always go Christmas shopping with my Mum and Dad, and that's always a day I thoroughly enjoy - will need to do that very soon. I will need to talk to Mum, probably week after next would be good. Kids have lots of good stuff on their wish list, some ridiculous, others fair. I am so out of touch with prices, I may need to spend some time on ebay, just to get a feel for what things are worth.

My view for some of today

Love this pic, Billy-Joe is on the right, with one of his friends from school. He is still so much tinier than all his mates. I will wake up one morning and he will have grown a foot overnight.

Billy-Joe with Skat

My darling, sporting a moustache.

The path onto the beach.

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