Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's raining again

After a warm and springlike start to the week, it's soured into miserable, rainy and cool. We needed the rain, so it's great for the garden. Plus it's nice to be home and organized early and snuggled in my pjs and dressing gown. I've even got the heater on again this afternoon.  

I enrolled into another online class. This time to do Type+Writer at  Their classes are great, and while I'd love to do a digital scrapbooking one, I am not sure I have the time to dedicate, nor the money for the class at the moment. This one was quite cheap, and only goes for two weeks.  Included in the class 'getting organized' notes, were some 12x12 templates by J. Caputo. I felt like putting a layout together today, and used one of them today.

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Chris H said...

That is very cute, and clever of you!


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