Monday, September 01, 2008

Feeling better - finally

I have been battling a headcold/sinus infection since the start of term - so nearly seven weeks. I feel much much better now. I wasn't even snuffly when I got up this morning. The weather has been right on cue, and as the first day of Spring, it's a warm day. The whole weekend was lovely. I don't mind the cold weather, but this milder weather is easier to handle. I went downstairs onto the treadmill yesterday and today, which I wasn't doing in the cold weather. There's no sun coming in downstairs so it gets quite cool when it's a frowzy day. I have also decided to get back to exercise as all my tests have shown that there is no problem as far as impingement or bony growth to cause my hip/leg pain. It doesn't take away the pain, but it means I can't do irreparable damage to my hip joint. I will just have to remember to take some painkillers before I hop on. I was really happy to find that my fitness levels hadn't dropped much at all. I admit that jogging on a treadmill is easier than on the road, but it feels much better to me. I am not worrying about uneven ground, or accidentally tripping on anything. I can just jog, and enjoy my ipod and the view from my treadmill. The half hour went fairly quickly. I have been using my Polar HRM watch, and am tracking my fitness that way too. I am working in my training zone for longer than when I was going on my long walks, so that's great. Plus I can have my music much louder than when I walk the streets. I am always aware that if I can't hear anything, because of the loud music, I won't hear anyone walking behind me. Downstairs on my treadie, I don't have to worry, so it's much more fun to have the music loud (and still feel safe).

I had a lovely weekend. We (that's the royal WE - I didn't actually do anything, other than complain about the mess) ripped out the bathroom shower and tiles. It's Monday, and nowhere near finished, but should be by the end of the week, I hope! I am really lucky that we have a shower downstairs otherwise it just wouldn't be doable. I like my two showers a day, and couldn't survive without it. I don't even have the privacy upstairs to have a 'sink bath' in the kitchen as the sliding door doesn't have any coverings on it. I left darling Bunny ripping out shower on Saturday while I took my Mum to Montville for the afternoon. We had lunch and poked around in some of the shops. I got a little something for my Dad for Fathers' Day and tried some Chilli chocolate - which was yummy by the way. We headed over to Maleny, and bougth some cheese at the Cheese shop - a delicious wasabi one which was just delicious. We were outside the cheese shop, enjoying the warmth of the sun, and then we realized it was almost three o'clock. Fortunately the wedding was just up the road, and we arrived there just before the bride. She looked stunning -just gorgeous and her attention to detail was lovely. She was very lucky as it was a glorious day - just perfect for a radiant bride and her handsome groom.

We headed home after the wedding, basking in that warm feeling that you get from witnessing the marriage of two people obviously very much in love. It reaffirms your own wedding vows and was quite touching to witness. I look forward to seeing her for my next treatment in three weeks, as I'm sure she has lots to tell. On the way home, we stopped and had coffee and shared a cake. We spent a lovely five and a half hours together, and it was great. We used to spend so much time together once, when the kids were little. Life is so much busier now, so it's not as frequent, but no less special because it doesn't happen as often. It's also so nice to spend time together 'sans' kids. We get to finish our sentences in one go!

Dear Bunny and I had a lovely evening. We had a cheese platter and sour dough bread as our dinner, and some nice wine as accompaniment. The kids had a great night, they 'camped' in Billy-Joe's room again, watched movies and just hung out together, and were perfectly behaved into the bargain.

Yesterday I took the kids to KFC and we ate it at a park, and gave them a chance to climb the equipment. I took heaps of photos and just enjoyed hanging out with them. Bunny remained home, working on the bathroom. I am working in Kenilworth this Friday, hopefully I'll have at least another day at the special school.

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