Tuesday, July 08, 2008

If I could bottle time

It’s days like today, that make me wish I could bottle time. I would bottle today and take it out when the children are not doing what they are supposed to, when they are fighting every second of the day, or when I am running around like a headless chook, or when I am feeling overwhelmed with the sheer volume of what I need to do. I need to bottle days like today, so I can take little sips to remind me of all that I have which no matter how mundane, is a wonderful life. If I could bottle today, I could sip and savour the moments I have spent with my children which are full of fun, love and laughter. I could relish in the moments where we just sit and play together and just enjoy the sheer joy of being together.

The day didn’t start off on the right foot, the kids had been great, I snoozed in until nearly 9am, and they were on the playstation. I had a shower, and they started to fight. I cooked them pancakes for breakfast, and Sammy and Mickey fronted up to the breakfast bar, with a sour disposition as they’d argued about something. After telling them that they were ‘ungrateful sods’ they sparked up a bit and enjoyed lots of pancakes. Mickey ate ten of them...... I did the ironing and set Billy-Joe a task of reading the ‘destructions’ for ‘Cluedo’. When I’d finished I sat down and read them too, and decided against trying to teach the little ones how to play. Instead we played a long session of ‘Game of Life’. Sammy didn’t want to play, but I made him, and he thoroughly enjoyed himself - as did we all.

Then the kid sat down and watched ‘Hoodwinked’ while they ate their lunch and I pottered around on the ‘net. I made a yummy pumpkin soup and let it simmer on the stovetop until dinner time. I also finished the third page of my Reno book which I am going to have made from Shutterfly - only 17 pages to go lol.......

My favourite show, ‘Prison Break’ starts tomorrow so I think I will stay up late and watch some old eps I have on DVD.

The weather is still forecast to be wet for tomorrow so we will head out and get some more movies and renew the PS game.

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Chris H said...

OOO Pancakes! I havn't had any of those for years, Stew used to make them every sunday morning! Must get him to make me some while he's still home... gotta eat well right now eh? Enjoy your holiday time with the kids.


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