Friday, May 16, 2008

A quiet week

I have had a quiet week this week, and it’s been blissful. I feel recharged and not at all stressed. i was able to fit in my exercise this week which was great, even though it hurts like heck if I do a few days in a row. I rested yesterday and will today too, maybe just a short walk to get the kids from school - it’s better than nothing, and yet won’t strain my newly physioed hips.....


I went to assembly this morning. Billy-Joe was involved in 7Ts presentation and Mickey earned a Student of the week award. So I did the ‘good Mummy’ thing and went and watched. Sammy was sitting on the bench beside his aide, he was as proud as punch that I was there, and didn’t seem nonplussed at all about sitting there, instead of with his class. I am sure he was removed because he is disruptive.... Mickey was delighted that I was there to watch him getting his award.

Oh my kids are so darn cute!!!

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