Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI)

I don't have a final diagnosis, but this looks like what I have with my hips. I saw the specialist the other week. I wasn't too impressed with him. I spent about 10-15mins with him, paid him $125 and he treated me like I was an inconvenience. I didn't even think his exam was as thorough as my physio's or the GP's. He did the same tests, but in a kind of half hearted way. I still need my MRI which will confirm this diagnosis. I actually learnt more from Dr. Google than I did from him. He only gave me the layman's term for it, and I had to find the correct name on the 'net.

Looks like it will be surgery at some stage. My fear is, that I have it in both sides, but everyone is ignoring the fact. So does this mean I will have one side done and then go through the whole damn process again with the other side.

My other fear is that at some stage, I won't be able to exercise anymore, hopefully this won't happen before the surgery!!!

I hate being in pain.

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Spider63 said...

Exercise away before it becomes medically impossible!!


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