Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Brief Update

It’s nearly two weeks now, and I haven’t worked. It’s not all bad, it means my house is tidy and I don’t feel overwhelmed, the downside of course is that today is pay day and I will have nada, zilch, nichts in my bank account. Thank God the last pay was good, so I was able to pay a month’s worth of bills. I am really happy I didn’t decide to spend any willy nilly, otherwise I’d be in the shit.

I haven’t felt 100% today. I have had an upset stomach. I have been to the toilet a few times, but I still have gurgles and pain in my tummy - so I’ve had a very quiet afternoon.

I have played with PSE6 today, and this is one of the photos I worked on.

I also have a Hungarian Goulash in the crock pot, so dinner is organized. I will have veggies and deb mashed potato with it.

I hopped on the scales this morning and I’d gained weight. I was disappointed to say the least. As far as my food and exercise diary goes, I have done nothing wrong. I am going to try and not eat rice or noodles for dinner, I think that may cause weight gain, maybe it’s too much carbs. I have exercised heaps in the last two weeks too, so that’s not the culprit. I am happy though, because the news didn’t make me want to chuck the whole thing out the window. I am reconciled to the fact that it’s a long slow journey.

I ended up buying MacJournal, which means I can keep a journal and/or post the entries onto my blogs. I thought it was a cool idea. I want to journal more and keep more notes, so this suits me well.

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Tina said...

Hi Jenny,

How are you going? Things are crazy here and I am virtually living life as a single parent. Long story short, Steve and I are really struggling again and it's got to the stage where I just can't do it anymore. Big relief really.

I hope things are good your end and you are getting some more work. I wish I could afford to come up your way for a holiday right now. It would be just what I need to recharge the batteries.



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