Friday, March 14, 2008

What did you do?

"What did you do? Please tell me your secret recipe? What did you do to create such an amazing child?  He is awesome. He received merit awards the whole time. He is so helpful, so encouraging, he looks after his friends. He is gracious and kind.  I have been meaning to tell you this - I feel so much better now, I am just amazed. You should bottle this, he is an amazing kid, he is so polite - always.  Everyone there, all the adults there, couldn't get over what a wonderful kid he is.  Please tell me your secret recipe? "

This monologue greeted me when I picked up my eldest boy from camp.  I stood there and cried, freely, tears streaming down my face.  My son's teacher told me this and I was so filled with pride, I thought I would burst - Billy-Joe cried too.  

This is what I work toward. This is what I persist for. This is what discipline and love are for. This is what guidance and patience and perseverance are for.

My boy I am so overwhelmed with this and so so proud of you.

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