Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I couldn't think of a better title for the post.......can't always be as creative.
Last time I wrote I spoke of how I was happy with my decision to knock back a six day contract. I am still happy with my decision....... The special school rang me on Monday, so I've had one day's relief work which is great. It also meant I was able to keep my appointments. Tomorrow I will see my physiotherapist and my gp in relation to my leg issues....
I have had good days, and not so good days. If I walk too much, it hurts like mad, not while I am walking, but later on. Yesterday I walked my circuit (very hilly) and then three hours later did virtually the same route to pick up the kidlets from school. I paid for that last night.....
I had my x-ray and CT scan today, and have read the report. (Am I the only one who reads the reports, that say 'for referring doctor only'??) That's a load of parlaffle. I want to know my results and not wait until some 'learned' individual tells me. My results, didn't show anything insidious, just some degenerative stuff which is normal for my age.

I will see the specialist at the start of May, will see what happens there.

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