Saturday, December 22, 2007

Productive Days

In between making my cake, biscuits, chutney, stuffing, truffles, gift cards, Christmas card newsletters, wrapping gifts, and the normal day to day cleaning/washing/tidying/cooking, I have realized that I have achieved a lot this week.

I have also managed to go out a few times, had my hair done, spent hours with my bestest friend, chatting, eating dinner and chatting until well after midnight last night. Last night was fantastic, not only was it good because she'd been away, and I was happy to have her back - we were the only ones in the store!! One lady came to shop and a couple of other ladies, came chatted, shopped and then said they would let Barbi have an early night. So we got virtually the whole night to ourselves - bliss!!

I should log, on a daily basis what I actually achieve. It's not until someone emails me and says 'what have you been up to?' that I take a moment to recap and realize with amazement that I have done an awful lot. I am feeling very smug at the moment. It's also a strong reminder, that my medication is helping me do all this. The last few months have been a stark contrast to the previous several. I am so thankful that I took stock of where I was at, and that I did something about it!

Today I have also scrapbooked a layout. I even got my sewing machine out for this one.
The photo is Mickey in his safety gear after he got his scooter and gear for his birthday in July of this year, with Sammy hugging him from behind. I haven't actually journalled on this layout, because I have already journalled the fact that he got the scooter in another layout, but I loved the photo and didn't want it going unscrapped!

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KreativeMix said...

Excellent!!! Kudos and happy holidays!!!


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