Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's beginning to feel like Christmas

It took me an hour and a half to wrap and label our gifts today. I am nearly finished, still have a couple to finish wrapping. I have them all safely stowed away. I have never had them done this early before.

Dancing is on tonight, and I haven't decided whether to go or not. I want to go, but I don't want to go. It's a Christmas supper afterwards too. I know I will be happy when I get there, it's just the thought that I don't like. Plus I hate going out when it's raining, and it's been threatening rain all day long.....so far there's nothing though. Last night we had quite heavy rain. The grass is growing like mad. Dh will have to cut it before the red suited one arrives, so the yard looks nice. I am getting my hair done tomorrow. I have to get the colour re done, might do something different as it looks too close to my natural colour (pre kids). Mickey is going shopping with my parents tomorrow. Billy-Joe will go to a friend's house, and I will get my hair done at my sister in law's place. Sammy will enjoy being on his own, playing with is cousin.

I might still do some baking. I have truffles on my list and I also might make some more biscuits, just a small batch though. I have enough sweet stuff in the house to sell. As it's Sammy's and my birthday on the 29th it certainly doesn't go astray.

I am still betwixt and between with my editing software. I can buy an academic version of Photoshop Elements 4 (Mac version) for about $100. The new one PSE6 (for which the release date hasn't been announced yet) will cost about double that........unless they have an academic version then it will be considerably cheaper. I am not sure how PSE4 will run on Leopard os x either.

I will go and get my kids soon, they are always really good when they have been out all day, as they are happy to be home, which is good.

Santa's elves, turn chaos into order!

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