Thursday, September 13, 2007

How are you?

I always answer with the utmost courtesy..........
"Great thanks, really good - and you?"

Let's face it, if someone asks you how you are........imagine if everyone actually espoused exactly how they were feeling.......this one small gesture of courtesy would die a natural death.

At the moment my reply would be lengthy, and a little heavy on the negative side.

"I have had headaches everyday now for weeks on end. I eat Panadol like M&Ms and it's getting to a point where paracetomol, isn't doing the trick anymore? I usually get up and have a headache within a few minutes of getting up, if I don't have one then, I usually get a worse one later in the morning, and it's really hard to kill. I've had two lots of panadol and two lots of nurofen plus and I am still achy in the head. The chemist gave me something stronger tonight but I was advised to take it later........(but I want it to go away now, once I am asleep it goes anyway!!) I don't know if I am game enough to take it while I am still 'up'.

I have been taking an extra 1/4 tsp of my progesterone cream every morning, and I don't know whether there's a subtle improvement, or whether I am really good at kidding myself. "

Have to go now, but have more to add to this post.........


Chris H said...

Darn about the headaches, any idea why you are getting them all the time? It must really muck up your day! I always snigger in my head when people ask how I am.... it is such a stooooopid thing to say, cos you just KNOW they don't really want you to say how you really are! I did it once (told her how I was feeling), and the stoooopid woman just walked away from me! ignorant tart.

Suzy said...

I hope your headache goes. Nothing worse!
Have a lovely weekend Jenny x


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