Monday, July 09, 2007

The holidays are over

The last two weeks have just gone by in a blur. I thought they would be peaceful, quiet and relaxing. They were some of those, in pockets of time, but generally they were very, very busy. The kidlets were in holiday care three days a week and on those days I always did heaps. Except the first Tuesday when it was freezing cold, Peter was painting and I knitted and drank cup of soup while sitting under a granny rug..........bliss!

Highlights of the holidays
* spent time with my sister in law and her kids. She cut my hair and Billy-Joe's and we had lunch and chatted away the hours. On another day, she shouted the kids a day at the bowling lanes. We had a lovely day. The weather was perfect and finished off by a lunch at the Alex Surfclub Kiosk and an icecream at the Cold Rock.
* I got my new glasses
* The kitchen is finished, apart from a few fiddly things
* I cooked heaps, and baked heaps too
* I had fun at Daisy's as usual
* I spent some time with my parents
* I spent some time with Peter's parents and kept in close phone contact
* I have nearly caught up on my housework

Back to school tomorrow. I know I need to work more this term, I wonder what the term will bring.

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