Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Goodbyes, work, and bikie chicks!

The kids woke up this morning, and were not happy that the school holidays ended. Billy-Joe was okay, especially considering as I thought he may have felt apprehensive about today, Sammy just wasn't happy, and Mickey cried. I wasn't happy about being up early either, but that's the way it is.

By the time I dropped them off, they were all happy and set off ready for the day with optimism. It was quite cute, because I drop them off and then they always walk up the stairs and turn around and wave. Today Sammy and Billy-Joe forgot to wave, dear little Mickey must have upped them, because I waited and they came running back to the top of the stairs to wave........too cool!!

Last night, I got an email to check my phone. Mmmmm, I wondered what's up. My girlfriend must have sent the sms to the wrong person I think. She asked me if I wanted to go to Montville today for a coffee ON THE BIKE!!!!! She admitted that fifteen minutes after she sent it, it hit her, she won't come! Well I surprised everyone, most of all myself and I went up for a ride. By the time we left Nambour, I thought that it was alot scarier than I remembered it. All that stopping and starting and gear changing isn't easy......... I was grabbing Lisa with my legs and I think my nail prints are permanently embedded in her leather jacket...........and that was just from getting out of my street and going to the service station. She wanted me to get off the bike at the servo............"And I have to climb back on with all these people watching?" "Yes lovey, you do" I must say the second and subsequent times I hopped onto the bike I was a lot more lady like that the first attempt. I just about clambered all over her, to get on as that was all I could hang on to. By the time we got to Montville and then to Mapleton for lunch, I wasn't hanging on for grim death anymore. I did enjoy the ride. It's being so vulerable that I am not so fond of. I like to drive myself, because I am in control, being on the back of someone's bike, you have absolutely no control at all. You really have to trust the person you are with. She was very good, and rode slowly although going downhill it felt quite fast.......... Coming down off the range is an experience I tell you. I like doing it in the car swinging around those bends, it's a whole new ball game on a bike.........

I wish I could post a photo, but I couldn't take my camera it's too big. Lis took her camera, but left the batteries on the recharger........so we can't scrapbook today. Does that mean she will take me again?

So, that's my day. A far cry from washing, dusting and cleaning.............but heck, I'd done that before I left!

While I was in Montville - Kenilworth asked if I wanted a day a week's work................I said yes of course. I love that class of kids, they are excellent. Those two days a fortnight bring me back the centrelink payments I have lost because I put in an estimate in case I am working, so that brings me back to what I was getting when I wasn't working. Not good, but I can manage the bills with that income, and any extra will be cream on top.


AL. said...

ROFLMAO - watch out Thelma and Louise - Jenny and Lisa are in town!!! Jen, you are more game than me - the one thing I'm scared of is getting on a motorbike! :)

:) AL.

AL. said...

and congratulations on the regular work Jenny - that is really great news!

:) AL.

Suzy said...

Wow! Sounds much more fun than housework to me!
Congrats on the regular work.

Email coming to you now with pics of our meeting. It was so lovely to see you. Thanks again for taking the time to meet me :-)


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