Friday, June 29, 2007

Enjoying the holidays

It's so good to be able to sleep in a little. Truth be known, I am not getting any extra sleep, but boy it feels good being able to go to bed later and get a up a little later. I have had things to do everyday this week, so it's been quite busy. Peter is home this week finishing off our dream kitchen.

I went to Dr. Williams today and he was very happy with me. From today I cut my Avanza down to half a tablet every second day and the same with the oral HRT. In a month I can stop the Avanza and in six weeks I can stop the oral HRT. Interestingly, with my 'no diet' way of thought, I haven't put on an ounce in three months, plus the exercise hasn't been like I was doing before with the kitchen and Mickey. My fat percentage went down, not a lot, but I was rapt as I have lost weight before but the fat percentage has stayed the same. I am excited about dropping off those other meds.

The doctor is expensive, but I think it's well worth it.

The kids are really happy to be on holidays too. My sister in law has given them a PS2 as her son has a new Wii console. My kids are over the moon, and have no idea they actually have it on a long term loan. Perfect timing for over the holidays.

The weather has been cold and I am loving it. I love wearing winter clothes and I bought two pairs of winter footwear last Saturday. I got a lovely pair of boots and a pair of Colorado closed in shoes. I have worn one pair of them everyday this week. They keep my tootsies warm.

I am knitting again!! Can you believe it? After I put my knitting stuff in the St. Vinnie's bin earlier this year, I have been inspired by Suzy . Thank you Suzy for getting me started again. I am just knitting a scarf, something nice and simple. I haven't knitted in about ten years, and haven't made anything complicated in about 20 years, so I thought a pair of socks might be a bit ambitious.......

We are going out this afternoon to pick out the colours for the exterior of our house. Our house looks rather daggy and is in desperate need of a freshen up.......

I will post the colours when we choose them. I am a huge fan of Resene Paint It goes on really well and is quite thick and also hard wearing. I love it.

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