Sunday, November 19, 2006

CSIRO: Total Wellbeing Diet 2

As I sit here drinking my glass of champagne.......Henkell Trocken no less, I am in the throes of preparing for the weeks ahead. No, I am not talking about Christmas shopping, partying or even baking, I am talking about how tomorrow I start on the CSIRO : Total Wellbeing diet. I bought the book yesterday, and am starting this tomorrow. It's higher protein, lower carbohydrate, and supposed to be really good. My plan is to go until Christmas, and then to review progress after the Christmas/New Year week. I may return to NO Count Weight watchers, or just revert back to Wellbeing Diet. The higher levels of protein are good for curbing hunger, which is necessary as there is no snacking. You can have 300g of fruit per day which isn't huge amounts, but still okay. I can also stick with low fat milk, as I am never going back to skim milk again. The thought of it makes my tummy feel icky. B is keen, he is always there to support and encourage me, hopefully he will lose some weight too. I will keep a log of my weight on the blog, to keep me honest. If you are interested in reading about the diet, go here

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