Monday, July 31, 2006

Mothers Day 2006

Mothers Day 2006
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I went scrapbooking on Saturday. It was from midday till midnight. I wasn't planning on going as Billy-Joe was having some friends around and one was staying the night. I felt like I should have been home. Bunny assured me he would cope fine and that I should go and have fun. I did! I completed two layouts. I had a ball. I love working with my photos and with my memories and creating something special to hand onto my children. This layout shows us on Mother's Day, probably my favourite day of the year next to Christmas. The next layout is one of Billy-Joe playing rugby. Barbi's daughter, Holly thought it was pretty cool that I could even manage to add flowers onto a boy layout............. I plan on taking some more photos of Billy-Joe playing footy. I haven't been to many games of late, so will go next weekend...........just hope it's not too early.....need to go scrapping again on Friday night!!

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