Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I made it.

Well, I made it. I survived the whole term and came out the other side smiling. My kids survived too. It was a challenging time, funny that often the weekends were the hardest, trying so hard to keep on top of everything, and often thinking that I was losing that battle.

I am working some more next term. Six days per fortnight for the first month and then probably four per fortnight after that. I am really looking forward to it, and am glad that I am looked upon as someone worthwhile to have in the school. I am learning so much all the time, I love being there.

When my return was announced at parade in the last week, I was dismayed and left with a wonderful feeling inside, seeing how happy the kids were that I was coming back. A very heartening feeling, after the rocky start that we had.
I have lots to look forward to.

At the moment I am trying to cope with the fact that there's no income for another three weeks...............aaaccccckkkkk. I have no money left, and yet I still have direct deposits to cover......... Rock on tax time, that will be very handy indeed......

I need to blog more, gosh I am slack aren't I?

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