Monday, June 06, 2005

I have a website which I have found very interesting. I found this by accident, as this woman is well versed in a software program that I use, so I have visited her site for that. Her site about walking, could have been written by me............. Read all the excuses.....that's me............

Anyway, tomorrow, I have scheduled in a walk, (after my mammogram), and then I can play on the computer. The next walk is on Wednesday afternoon, if Dh isn't working late. My next planned on is for Friday morning. And then I can fit in another over the weekend, that won't be a problem. I need to tell myself that if I can only go twice in a week, then that's better than none at all. I just always feel that if I can't do it properly then why do it halfway. I know I need to keep the big picture in focus, and not just think about the week ahead. I know that I need to do this for life, so I virtually am stuck with about 20-22 points per day for quite a long time yet. And then who knows how low I need to stay to maintain when I do finally reach my goal weight.

P.S. Here is the site if anyone's

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