Saturday, September 01, 2012


It's Fathers' Day Eve. Tomorrow will be another celebratory day without my Dad. Leading up to it, it's affected me more deeply than the other days, more than Dad's birthday. Now I've reconciled myself to the fact the day is to honour all Dads. Those alive and those who've gone to heaven like my beloved father. This morning we went and saw Peter's Dad. I was hesitant but it was a lovely morning. We sat outside and enjoyed the spring sunshine. Such a glorious day. Tomorrow Mum is coming and we are having a BBQ and celebrating as always. Mum and I were reluctant to do the normal thing, but Peter in his wisdom suggested that we do it. We can cry and then drink wine and enjoy being together. So now Mum is coming too. And I'm pleased.
I'm still spending 2/3 of my life sleeping. My tests showed that I'm anaemic. I've still got to go through tests to hopefully confirm it's not due to blood loss. Since I've not had a period in nine or so years, the alternative option is being investigated and of course I'm praying that all is good with my bowel. I'm pretty sure it is as I've no symptoms of losing blood from there. Fingers and feet crossed too. With the untreated arthritis and the last blood donation it's tipped me over the edge. I'm sick of being so tired though. I nap so much and have no time for anything other than study, chores, kids and sleep. Not good. Life is far to precious and I feel like I'm wasting it at the moment.
Mum is in her new home. It's just gorgeous. Very quaint and she's happy which is such a blessing. Now she needs a holiday.
Billy-Joe's driving lessons are going well. It's special time that we spend together. We share a treat afterwards. Today we had a McFlurry. Yummy. Maltesers, chocolate, and ice cream.
Study is going well. Thank God this semester is an easy one. I can afford sleep time lol. So far a distinction for an exam, full marks for an online discussion on ethics, a comparative essay on euthanasia from two different ethical standpoints and everything is up to date and cruising along.
In the next week or so I'll put in my passport application. My photo is butt ugly. I was so upset. Had I lots of spare money I would have had it done elsewhere. But it would be a waste so I've decided to go ahead with these gross photos. Everyone has tried to make me feel better by assuring me that all passport photos are ugly. I don't agree. This is my third passport and my other two have lovely photos in them. You know how can look back on old photos and think, 'I didn't look too bad back then'. Well, of I ever do that with my current passport photo I'd be shattered. It's that bad.

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