Thursday, September 27, 2012's a lovely change.

Well some of the time anyway. Having teens and preteens I feel like is spend much of my time driving around. I'm so glad I changed to a little car. My fuel bill would be horrendous otherwise.
I've actually been playing games on the iPad. Sitting down and relaxing and playing stupid time wasting games and it's such fun. I've been playing Hunger Games Adventures, Dragon Keeper, Dragon Story, Dragon Vale and Camelot. Having fun feeding and breeding beautiful dragons and building an empire as well as setting myself up to win the Hunger Games. Useless, nonsensical stuff, but it feels great to just sit and play.
Today we had our Movie Day. We buy a movie on Apple TV, the kids get to pick a takeaway and we sit in the lounge and eat and watch. I'm being healthy so enjoyed my strawberries, yoghurt and LSA while the kids ate KFC and pizza. It cost me $28!!!! Such a great bargain and we are all at home. We watched 'Marvel Avengers'. It wasn't my pick but it was quite a good movie. Most impressive on the big plasma screen. It went for almost two and a half hours so great value too.
Sammy, Mickey and Bunny are off to visit a friend tomorrow for a long weekend. Billy-Joe and I are staying home. We're planning a fun weekend together. We will fit in a driving lesson, some nice food and a movie or two. I'd like to see 'Hunger Games' and also 'Red Dog'.
Next week I'm back at uni. So back working on my last assignment and prepping for my exam.
Health wise, I'm picking up. I'm not as weary and am tolerating the iron tablets without side effects. I started on my new arthritis drug last week which make me feel dreadful for a day but it's all good now. I take it fortnightly. I hope this one helps. I've stopped taking my anti inflammatories as I don't think they help with my weight. I'm in more pain but am hoping the Humira will kick in soonish. I've been careful with my food and have been back on the exercise bike. Am feeling good in my head about it even though there's no results on the scales yet. I don't want to go to Africa plump. I was fat and forty and I vowed and declared I wouldn't be fat and fifty. Thank God my BP and cholesterol and sugar levels are all good. With Dad's history and the fact I'm large around the waist makes we worry about heart disease and diabetes.

I believe that the implications of high blood pressure and diabetes are so underplayed it's scary. Until my nursing studies I knew that both conditions weren't good and I knew what the complications could be. However I had no idea how serious and pervasive the conditions were. Both high blood pressure and diabetes scare the living day lights out of me. I was amazed when on Prac ow prevalent these conditions are and how it complicates everything else. None of the tv campaigns give the conditions enough emphasis on their gravity and I don't believe GPs do either. Then again it's possibly because people are so damn complacent about their health.

Dinner is porterhouse steak cooked on the BBQ with potato gems and a salad with baby cos, red onion, Sundried tomatoes, sunflower seeds, feta cheese cucumber and dressed with extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Simple and delicious. I threw on some sunflower seeds and craisins too. Peter is picking up Billy-Joe ( I've had wine and have opted not to be chauffeur for a change) and I'm updating my blog and listening to Adele.
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