Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mind is whirling

I'm so excited about going on prac at the end of next month. I'm also petrified. For me, that prac is crunch time. It will make or break me. Let's face it, I've been at uni for almost a year, and yet haven't set foot inside a hospital to work yet. Aged care, is no comparison. Not to belittle that job, but it's not where I want to be, (plus I'd like to see huge changes there).

I need to teach myself to stop, slow down, slow my thinking down, and become methodical and rational. It's something that really scares me. I'm scared, that when someone asks me something, I won't answer, or, worse, something happens and I can't act fast enough. I know, at this stage, it's not my role to be saving all the cardiac arrests, or respiratory arrests, but I'm praying that I have the wherewithal to act promptly and appropriately. I know I'm not going to fall in a heap crying, or in panic, but I don't want to go blank either.

Surely, if I talk to my Prac teacher, and read up before hand, that can help my confidence a little. While I can't diagnose off an ECG of course, I can tell when something is wrong.

If I'm nervous now, what's the morning I start going to be like?


Jenny said...

Jen... I just know you are going to be wonderful... when you have a passion for something... as you do with nursing... your love for what you do will take over... I think most of us get a taste of the nerves now and then... and it is all a learning experience... but my feeling is... you will be awesome...

Jenny x

Teddyree said...

Don't worry it all becomes second nature the more experience you gain and anyone who says they weren't nervous in their first crisis or first big procedure is full of it or they don't have a heart LOL.

Even after a couple of years experience, I'm sure my heart stopped beating with my first arrest, but with the amount of adrenaline surging you kick into action pretty quick smart.

Nervousness is good, and you'll be great. Cardiac is a great first prac placement. Can't wait to hear how you go xx

Ms Mac said...

You'll be great, I'm sure! Good luck with it. :-)

Chris H said...

I am quite sure you will be fine mate!


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