Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Ramblings for today

It's another busy week. Yesterday we bought dear Bunny another ute. After all the debacle with not being able to borrow the funds earlier this year, things have worked out after all. We feel so blessed to have been offered a vehicle from a family member. A great car that's been well looked after so we know we are buying what we think we've bought. It's a 2002 model triton, nothing real exciting in then larger sense but fabulous for us. Since Dear husband cooked the motor in his old ute he's been desperate to buy another. Having an unreliable car is not good at all. Whenever he was a bit late home I'd worry that it had completely died. His weekly fuel bill was enormous and was having a serious affect on our weekly finances. Bunny doesn't know himself. He's so happy with it and I'm extremely relieved.

I had a suspect mole biopsied last week. The doctor was sure it was a skin cancer. It was certainly only prayer that kept me calm. I always think that my years of sun worshipping will come to bite me. I admit I still like a tan but I don't get burnt, I always wear sun screen, when out in the sun, and thankfully I've kept my face out of the sun for many years now. I curse my spotty skin but am fortunate that my skin on my face is still good. I don't want the tanned leathery look that women my age get when they've had too many years in the sun. It's a shame I didn't stop sunning the rest of me then.

Afterwards I headed out to the uni to organize my Blue Card application. There were hundreds of kids there, young kids not uni kids. I saw the teachers that were supervising them and I felt not a single pang of regret. I absolutely, definitely don't miss teaching. Do I miss the money? Of course I do, but not enough to go back. It's odd though, walking through the campus and not feeling out of place. After a confusing drive to find the admin section I required I was very very excited to learn that the application was free for students. After spending the last few weeks looking at all the expenses I've tallied this was another one of those where you pay money but really get nothing to show for it. I am rapt it's free. I've still got a few other things to organize (and pay for). I need my Hepatitis B shots, a police check and I need to redo my First Aid and CPR courses too. I also need a uniform for pracs and a medical kit. Naturally all those cost money. I've also got my book list and have been sourcing books. I can save some money off the uni book shop by using www.bookdepository.uk. I'll keep an eye out for second hand copies to see if I can get it cheaper.

I had to go into BigW and buy some warm socks and some shoes for when I go away. In also wanted to call in and see one of my best friends who's heading to Brisbane as both her children are having tonsillectomies. I wanted to see her and give her something. Something that would let her know I'm thinking of her but also that someone far greater than Inwas watching over her.

I can't believe it's only five days till Sammy and I go away.

As an aside, I've been taken off HRT. Much to my chagrin and displeasure I might add. I've been on it for quite a long time and have been grateful for it. Now, however my GP decided it's been long enough and that I should try to go without. Easy for you to say! Every time a hot flush would overcome me I'd curse my thirty something male GP. I've some research though and I'm reluctantly agreeing with him. I can't stand these waves of heat, but the possible alternatives aren't worth the risk. I'm taking a herbal concoction which has been purported to have good results. I hope they kick in. The slightest bit of uncertainty or angst can trigger one off as well as the ones that just happen anyway. When I come back from down south I'll review my diet as I know being as healthy as possible is very important. My main concern is that with uni coming up I don't want to have to cope with menopausal symptoms as well as the normal stressors that my extra commitments will add onto my already busy life.

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Jenny said...

New ute sounds fab Jenny... so nice when things work out well... lots of exciting times ahead for you with your trip and and uni course... have fun :)))

Jenny x

Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

That's great about the ute Jenny! I've got orientation next week and my laptop has to be sent off again! So frustrating, they have made it urgent though as it's still under warranty and they didn't fix the problem the first time the had it. Have a great time down south and hope you stay warm. Gosh it's cold today! PS I love HRT patches, they certainly have helped me so I can understand your reluctance going off them.


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