Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Busy Day

I'm looking forward to a full day at home tomorrow and Friday, the last few weeks have been so very busy. I enjoy being busy, but love and look forward to the down times.

This morning I did my washing and my ironing. I also chose my week's menus and did the groceries online, so they can be delivered tomorrow.

I have been out more than I'd normally like, so I was happy to get this done. I'm on schedule now for the week, when I complete more housework tomorrow. I did some Daisy work, although got frustrated yet again with my lack of knowledge, which of course means my lack of control over how the site looks. I don't like how it looks and have ideas for improving it, but don't have the knowledge. So then I went on to working on the things I can change so as not to waste precious time.

I was excited this morning when the car salesman rang and told me they could find a red car. It's only the second time in my life, I've been able to choose the colour of my car and I'm so very very excited. Because I love colour, actually settling on one is quite difficult. I'd never choose a white car by myself, but the white in the Fiestas is stunning, very crisp and clean looking, but these were sold out. The green was my second choice with a deep mulberry being my third choice. I do like the fact that none of the colours incurred extra charges. What did intrigue me, however, was the amount of 'McDonalds' style of salesmanship. You know what I mean, instead of saying, would you like fries with that? It's, would you like, external paint treatment, interior fabric treatment, tinted windows treatment, tyre and rim insurance, extra 4 years warranty insurance, insurance shortfall insurance........My mind was whirring. I only went there to sign some papers and pay a (large) deposit and then had to sit through the obligatory spiel.... I'd organized my time so I could fix that up, then have a coffee and then go on to my Rheumatologist appointment, but I had to skip the coffee and settled for a cold drink five minutes before my appointment instead....and, as it was I had to call the palaver short so I could make my appointment. Mind you, the idea of having my paint protected is appealing, especially as I've chosen red!! That with the window tinting is over $800 - a lot of money, but this car is a huge amount of money, not sure what to do there........ I've done a little look around what's available and the price they quoted me is a fair one.

My appointment with my specialist went well. Thankfully I can go onto some new medication, as my inflammatory levels have risen and my pain levels even more. For a while I have to be on both meds though, so from a financial standpoint that's not good, but I need the relief, so of course will try it.

Can't wait to drive my new metal baby around, it's just gorgeous.


Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Can't wait to see your new car!

Chris H said...

I can feel your excitement!
When I got my new car I was beside myself.
I hope it is all you hoped for once you get it.


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