Saturday, December 26, 2009

Goodbye Charlie Goodbye

It's Boxing Day and I should be talking about the last two days and posting photos. I have a sad post which I'll get out of the way first. And what happened deserves a post on its own, not just as an addendum to my Christmas post.

On Christmas Eve night, over 15 years after we got her - Charlie died. Our cat.

Our kids have known no life without Charlie. They loved her so much. I must have sensed her days were ending. I've let her inside more, and let her sleep on the cool slate floor. Sammy used to go out and see her several times a day. We were brushing her, because she was moulting terribly. I was buying her different food to give her variety. Sammy loved giving her a tin of food and watching her eat the lot. She was a good cat. She would kindly share her food with the butcher birds, scrub turkeys and whoever else wanted to eat her food. They could just walk by her and eat from her bowl. Maggie, our resident magpie would share the bowl with her, and they'd both be inside downstairs with Peter...... When we moved across the road, I thought we'd have to lock Charlie inside for a few days, no she just followed us across....she did love us. Most cats are attached to their environment, she loved us.

Peter and I both cried so much. He said it was the worst burial he'd ever been to. Bunny has always had a philosophical attitude toward death. He sobbed..... Charlie would come up to the letter box everyday when she heard Peter come home, and then go up to the car and snake herself around his legs while he took his boots off.

Sammy barely cried when we told him. Mickey and Billy-Joe sobbed. Both nights now, I've had to give them huge cuddles and wipe away their tears. Mickey slept with me because he couldn't sleep for thinking of her. Last night I had him in with me for an hour and then he was able to go back to his own bed. Sammy crumbled yesterday. He didn't want to be out. He wanted to grieve in private.

The kids enjoyed their Christmas Day, but it was tainted with moments of down times for them, especially for Sammy.

Today, Boxing Day, is a better day. Peter and I feel much better too.

Charlie is buried down the back, with a full Egyptian burial site, her bowls and food with her.....


Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

I'm so sorry Jenny! I know how very painful it is to loose a much loved family pet. Hugs to you all!

Ms Mac said...

Oh, Jenny. I'm very sorry to hear that.


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