Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chef Laurent launches his books

Remember the French Chef that my darling organized to cook a gourmet dinner for myself and five of my girlfriends? Well, he launched his cookbooks tonight with his wife at a book launch in Maroochydore, that I was very excited to get invited to.

Many of the foods which he has in his new books, include a few he cooked for me, were on fully laden tables. Suzy and I had a ball tasting camembert brioche, decadent chocolate cake, home made sorbets, white chocolate mousse, lemon tart, caesar salad, chicken and avocado wraps, just all good wholesome healthy food. Added in the demo of the Thermomix, and it was a great evening.

It was so cool to see Laurent, to buy a book and have him sign it, and see him enjoying the fruits of his labours. I love food, I love to cook, I love natural flavours, strong flavours......and seeing someone else taking that passion and interest to a whole new level was intoxicating.....

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senovia said...

Sounds so yummy! What an exciting time!


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