Friday, October 30, 2009

To post or not to post, that is the question......

I sometimes wonder whether I should try to post daily. Many days are fairly humdrum, full of sameness, but they pass by in a blur, and often the intervening time between posts is quite long.

I look back on days at a time, and wonder what on earth I’ve been doing. What have I been doing, that my reading list doesn’t shorten and my digital scrapbooking classes remain undone. What do I do with my days.

6.30am: Make bed, gather clothes and stumble to shower, noticing that everyone’s up as I go down the hall.

7.00am Head into the kitchen, a load of washing has been put on, I ensure kids are dressed and rooms are tidied. My hair is done.

7.30am All of us have had breakfast. Dishwasher is stacked and on, kitchen benches wiped down. Kitchen is left spotless. Rubbish is thrown to the front door. Facebook has been checked and Zoo has been monitored. If I’ve got time I’ll check my Aquarium and Garden too.....I know, get a life lol..... Hey this is my life and I like it!!

I leave with the kids anywhere between 7.50am to 8.00am. I can hang out washing, I can do a quick dust, or if I’m going out I put on my makeup and maybe get dressed into something else depending on what my day holds. I tend to dress daggy, but my plans can change in an instant if I get a call to work, or if I decide to go out. This morning I had time to watch some footage from the video I took of Mickey’s choir performance from Wednesday night.

8.20 This morning I returned home, put on a second load of washing, hung out first load. I dusted and cleaned out the bookshelf in the lounge. Got rid of crap I didn’t want. Dusted the entire house. Hung out second load. Ironed clothes, vacuumed house. Cleaned toilet. This took me two hours. I’m feeling very smug because everything is nice and clean.

10.30 Bunny comes home from morning job (he’s still on hols from his real work, but is still doing his moonlighting work. We have a cuppa together and I try to show him some of the holiday footage. I’m disheartened as iMac freezes. I spend the next 55 minutes on the phone to Apple Care. Thank goodness for them. Did some trouble shooting and i’m glad they haven’t asked if I’ve got third party RAM, because I have!!

12.00 I have lunch, just a banana sandwich, not really hungry. What to do with the next two hours that stretch ahead of me. What to do??

12.50pm I’m back on the phone to Apple Care, because problem is not solved. Spend another 50 minutes on the phone. Thank goodness I’m slightly computer savvy so I actually know what I’m doing.

2.00pm Download and read manual for camcorder, because I’m still a little unsure of how to use it. Learnt a couple of new things.

2.15pm Lie down on the couch listening to audiobook until 2.50pm when I leave to pick up three kids from two venues.

3.10 Have afternoon tea, tidy kitchen, lunchboxes in dishwasher. Remove last load from the line. Put towels back in bathroom. Fold all washing and put away. Make sure kids’ golf clothes are out for tomorrow morning.

3.55pm Sit down to write in blog

4.10pm Shower, put makeup on, and get dressed. Check Facebook, iChat girlfriend.

5.00pm Put stuff near the door, gather up MacBook and leads. Head to Daisy’s.

1.15am Return home, take off makeup, put MacBook back on AC power. Go to bed with Audiobook.

Something comforting about writing all that down. Might be as boring as all shit to read though.....

That was my day.

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