Sunday, August 30, 2009

An update

The photo is of Sammy and Mickey all dressed up for their Book Week Parade this week. Sammy's theme was space, and in his normal lateral way, he chose to go as Mercury the God. Thank goodness, I said, I can do a toga lol.....that's about the scope of my costume making. Mickey's theme was an aboriginal one, and I was lucky we had some nice t'shirts which Nanny had brought back from Cairns years ago. It was Billy-Joe's and fitted nicely on Mickey. I worked this day, but was really pleased that I took the time to take a photo, seeing as I couldn't be at the parade. Morning light is just a glorious one to be taking photos in. I'm so proud of my boys and think they're just beautiful.

The unseasonally hot weather has continued, but it's been very nice. Peter and I are in holiday mode which is a really nice place to be. With out holidays coming up, the anticipation and waiting is just fantastic. There are only three weeks until the end of term, and I can't wait for it to finish. I'm tired and need a break.

I went on the treadmill again today, first time in weeks. I'm going to start again, looking forward to getting fit again.

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Chris H said...

You have darn fine looking boys there!


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