Thursday, May 07, 2009

My Week Thus Far

I've had a really nice week. My arm is about 60% better, so I'm doing things that I've left undone. Over two mornings I cleaned my entire kitchen, stove top and inside and outside of my fridge. Everything looks lovely again. Makes me feel good inside when I open the fridge and the glass shelves are spotless again. I was going to exercise every day this week, but have only managed one hour on the treadmill so far this week. Slack! My Levis got pulled out of the depths of my wardrobe today, and, while they still fit and look okay, I can feel I've put weight back on. I'll need to do something about it before I put it all back on again. I still feel fit enough on the treadmill, although I'm walking rather than jogging at the moment. I'm concentrating on extending time per session rather than intensity. It burns a good lot of calories and I can maintain it, so I'll keep along that track for a while.

I've pretty much been home all week. Scrapping last Friday night of course, home the entire weekend, and it was a long weekend too. I enjoyed myself by looking after my family and cooking heaps. On Sunday, Peter went and played golf and the kids and I enjoyed a relaxed day at home together. Billy-Joe was keen to cook again, and as my arm is still giving me trouble, and I wanted muffins baked, it achieved two goals in one. He loved making them and is gaining a little extra confidence. He's shit scared of the oven, but is getting there and listens well to my guidance, which is just an awesome role for me. I just love to teach! After we'd made the muffins, I asked if he wanted to make lunch too, so he made egg and bacon baskets in bread in the muffin pan. They were delicous, with spring onions and grated cheese on top. Mickey, Billy-Joe and I ate them for lunch, Sammy turned his nose up at them and had a Cucumber Sandwich. (Sammy's name for a salad sandwich. Often I don't even have cucumber, so then it becomes a cucumber sandwich without the cucumber lol......)

On Monday Peter took the kids fishing and I stayed home. I listened to my audio book and decided that I wanted to get stuck into making my rug in earnest. I am so pleased with it, I finished it yesterday. Sewing in all the ends took me over an hour. I finished it last night and actually sat rolled up like in a sausage roll in front of the TV. Bliss! When Bunny kissed me good night, I put my glasses half down my nose and told him good night and God Bless you with a quivery voice...... as I'm sitting there like an Oma. I loved making it and am sad that it's finished. I'm on the lookout for my next project. It's nice making something while I'm doing something else. I don't feel like the time in front of the TV is wasted.

Today I've been and done some shopping. I added a nightie for Peter's Mum's present for Mothers' Day. I've made my Mum and MIL and iphoto book, and I wanted to add something else. I've organized my Mum's other gift too. I'm hope she'll like them. I'm not sure what I'm getting for Mothers' Day, but DB did go into a jewellery store today and look at a pandora bracelet. Unfortunately the guy only had a gold one which cost nearly $7000!!! He would have to go to another jeweller - not quite down the coast, but definitley out of the Bunny Zone. (The Bunny Zone, is anywhere from home, to work, to the golf course, which fortunately encompasses town as well - anywhere beyond that he generally doesn't go, or he's with me, and I drive too). So I'm not sure what Mothers' Day will bring. I know for one thing though, that it will be a great day. It's always an exciting day. I always feel cherished, which is an awesome feeling. The kids and Bunny are wonderful to me. This year I get to spend Mothers' Day with my parents, which makes it doubly special. Last year my parents were away, and while I still had a lovely day, it's just not the same. I need my Mum with me on Mothers' Day - simple as that.

I went and visited my parents one day this week and had lunch with them. Something I really enjoyed. My Mum cooks very differently to me, but I love her food. We had a yummy beef soup and then some Reis Auf Lauf. Lord only knows how that translates, and I'm thinking the Australian version is a rice pudding type thing, although rice pudding is runny - not sure since I didn't grow up with Australian cuisine. This is made with rice (of course), milk, sultanas, sliced apples, cinammon and vanilla sugar I think. There must be eggs in it for it all to hang together, but it's not runny. It's quite firm and you dish it up in a large slice. Mmmmmmm, delish, and so reminiscent of my childhood. Apparently in Austria (not sure about Germany) Mehlspeise (Sweet dish) were commonly eaten for a main meal. I'm guessing this was due to the fact that food was scarce during the war years, and that flour and eggs were more readily available. I'll have to check on that. So many times during my childhood, we'd have a Mehlspeise for dinner, usually after a hearty soup entree. Sometimes it was pancakes (which I later found out were actually crepes, when much to my chagrin I was served gigantic pikelets the first time I ate at the Pancake Parlour), Reis Auf Lauf, Kaiserschmarn, (thick pancakes with sultantas and apples, cooked and then chopped up, served with sugar and cinammon. Apfel Strudel (can you imagine eating apple strudel as a main meal??? Delicous. There were some others that we had, but these were the most commonly in my home. There was no complaints in the house when this was dished up! This week, I took a leaf out of my Mum's book. I'd eaten enough chicken for the week, and there was only more chicken in the freezer, so I made pancakes (crepes) for dinner. The kids thought I was joking lol........ They loved it. I made dear Bunny something a little more wholesome, but the kids and I loved it. I could have made more. My Mum and Aunty used to make this filling called 'Dopfen' and it was to die for. It was made with some kind of cheese, like a baker's cheese (no lumps!) and then cream, sugar and sultanas were added. Absolutely to die for, and soooooo filling. I wonder if I'd still like them now....... Let me think for a second. Yes!! I think I would.

I have to go out shortly, but will hopefully get back later or tomorrow to add a badge I was given for my blog.

Off to pick up my kids and await my grocery delivery.
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Chris H said...

OOOOOHHHH that rug is totally gorgeous! I have done ones like that (years ago!) in the chevron pattern... it is soooo pretty. I love the colours you used.

Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

The rug is so beautiful Jenny! Food sounds so yummy.

Teddyree said...

So glad you're arm is still on the improve, isn't it wonderful when you health is on the up or you're just feeling a bit brighter so you can accomplish some of the things you want to do?
Oh all that food sounds delicious, I'm just about drooling on my keyboard LOL


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